Kohti parempaa maailmaa
Towards a Better World
Mot en bättre värld
Auf eine bessere Welt
Hacia un mundo mejor
      В луший мир (pdf)

The Finnish Utopian Emigration Site

We honor in 2020 the "Viljavakka" Utopian Community that was founded in Dominican Republic in 1930. Photo shows the "Second Christmas of the Colony" 1932.

“I have found an open, free and fertile land, the full potential of the promised land. I believe the Lord has led my step, reports Oskari Jalkio, the head of the colony, to his vegetarian colleagues in “Terveys” -magazine.

Viljavakka was vegetarian. The community also opposed vaccinations. As best there were 140 members.

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" Utopia , an ideal commonwealth whose inhabitants exist under seemingly perfect conditions." 
– Encyclopaedica Britannica