Kohti parempaa maailmaa
Towards a Better World
Mot en bättre värld
Auf eine bessere Welt
Hacia un mundo mejor
      В луший мир (pdf)

The Finnish Utopian Emigration Site

We honor in 2020 the "Kommuuna Kylväjä" Utopian Community that was founded in Soviet Union in 1921 in the Don River area. In the photo there is the last of his tribe: Matti Tarhala, the last remaining Finn in Kylväjä (2018). A number of Finnish names can be found in the village cemetery.

Kommuuna Kylväjä was founded in 1921 mainly by American Finns from Seattle area who wanted to develop the “Great Utopia” - Soviet Union. The original Finnish group counted about one hundred. Later also other nationalities joined the community and many a Finn left. Even later the farm changed to work as a normal kolhoz. Nowadays "Seyatel" is home to 1500 people who continue farming as a cooperative.

NOTE There is an ongoing project where more history of the Finnish Utopian communities is being collected. This site will have a complete overhaul in 2021 when the new data from it will be published.

In the meantime have a look at our new FACEBOOK SITE that is updated frequently and open for comments and discussion about Finnish Utopians.  last updated October 6, 2020

" Utopia , an ideal commonwealth whose inhabitants exist under seemingly perfect conditions." 
– Encyclopaedica Britannica