Kohti parempaa maailmaa
Towards a Better World
Mot en bättre värld
Auf eine bessere Welt
Hacia un mundo mejor
      Vers un meilleur monde
      В луший мир (pdf)

The Finnish Utopian Emigration Site honors in 2012 the two Finnish utopian settlements in CUBA. Itabo (1904) and Ponnistus (1906) were established by Finns most of whom had tried emigrant life in the USA. The communities were based on national and socialist ideas. (Decades before Castro!)

Our cover photo shows a 2009 view of the "American colony corner site" in Itabo, where the Finnish utopian community struggled until 1908. Even after that many Finns remained as individual farmers. The Cuban horse rider, oldest gentleman in the village, still remembers his parents telling about the Finns.

More text and photos about the Finnish utopian ventures in Cuba will appear later.

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" Utopia , an ideal commonwealth whose inhabitants exist under seemingly perfect conditions." 
– Encyclopaedica Britannica