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Towards a better world - Exhibition of Finnish Utopian Emigration


Production: Union of Christian Culture

Planning: Teuvo Peltoniemi

Material: Private collections and Archive of Finnish Utopian Emigration

Layout of exhibition: Börje Rajalin

Arrangements: Seppo Koistinen, Union of Christian Culture

Layout of the printed guide: Markku Bussman

Translations: Larissa Aleksandrovskoi, Gillian Häkli, Horst Gripentrog, Ingalill Österberg

Financial support: A-Clinic Foundation, Alko (USA), Finland House (Stockholm), Finland Society, Finnair, Finnish Seamen's Mission, Institute of Migration, Finnish Parishes in Sweden, League of Finnish American societies, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Association of Finns in Sweden, Otava, Sampo, Sosiomedia.

Special thanks are extended to all private individuals and organizations that provided material and support for the exhibition.

This exhibition is no more available.


Updated Oct. 9, 2020